Lawn Fertilization

Archer Creek Landscaping offers lawn fertilization to keep your Springfield lawn healthy and strong. We take every step necessary to make sure your lawn looks its best all year long. Our lawn fertilization services are designed to optimize turf health, color, and root growth.  The program includes weed & pest control with applications in the spring and fall.

Lawn fertilization services are important to use all season long to maintain a thicker landscape with a uniform look.

A properly fertilized lawn includes deep roots that become resistant to conditions such as harmful insects and harsh weather. Bare spots in your lawn are the first sign that your grass might need more nutrients. Fertilizers aid in plant growth, keep grass looking green and healthy, assist in root development, and increase winter hardiness and resistance to disease and drought.

Our season-long lawn care program delivers:

  • Healthy, thick grass during the warmer seasons
  • More strength to ensure foot traffic
  • More survival endurance during the colder weather
  • Reduction of weeds for a uniform look

Looking for more than just fertilizing your lawn? Archer Creek Landscaping offers a full suite of landscaping and lawn care services: 

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