Tree Trimming & Shrub Removal

Archer Creek Landscaping provides lawn maintenance including tree and shrub removal in the Springfield area.

A typical garden with trees, shrubs, and assorted plants also tends to accumulate quite a bit of trash as the seasons change - dried leaves, branches, twigs, and more. Our clean-up services leave your landscape looking neat, tidy, and without any hint of the recent removal that took place.

Our shrub removal services can help your yard look neater and more sculpted. We can help with hedges, shrubs, small trees, and more! We do not take down or trim large trees or grind out large stumps, but we do have recommended vendors for these services!

Benefits of tree trimming & shrub removal:

  • Increases fruit and bloom production on the plant.
  • Plant life is exposed evenly on all sides to sunlight.
  • Keeping your plants trimmed and healthy reduces the risk of insect infestation.
  • It reduces the risk of disease to the plant.
  • You control the size and growth of the tree or shrub.

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