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Meet the team behind Archer Creek Landscaping

Our team of expert landscaping and lawn care professionals seeks to supply our customers with unique and artistic designs, clean and precise installation, as well as hassle-free maintenance.

Furthermore, our company aims to maintain open communication with our customers through every step of the landscape design process. We offer both residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services, catering to homeowners and small businesses alike while our focus is to keep our costs as low as possible.


Owner / Lead Designer / Certified ArboristDanette is our fearless leader, sales and marketing professional, accountant, designer, and plant health specialist.


ConsultantThe brains behind the operation and our President. We met by accident. We didn’t know what to think of each other for a few years. And slowly we became an amazing team. For the first few years,…


Maintenance ManagerThe Edward Scissorhands of our team. I had a customer ask him to sign one of his pruned shrubs. He does an amazing job with our maintenance customers because he is very detail oriented and a good kind…


Tree Expert / MaintenanceCharlie is Justin’s dad. He has been working in the tree business for many years. His father and grandfather were in the business. He works circles around the younger guys and is always pleasant…


Head Mechanic & Shop ManagerChris is our head mechanic and shop manager. I had no idea how much “stuff” you need to run this business. Our goal is to have the best equipment our money can buy and Chris keeps it in top…

Hope Freeze


Cameron McNeely

Hardscape Crew

Jamie Stone

Office Manager

Ray Worthy

Hardscape Foreman

Kyle Yocius

Hardscape Crew
Maintenance / Annuals

Kelsie O’Brien

Maintenance / Annuals

Justin Stone

Maintenance Crew
Plant Health Specialist

Stephanie Cliburn

Plant Health Specialist

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