Design and Build

We think of everything as a design. From the shape of the bed to the plant material in the garden, we understand that everything is based on your personal preference. We work with you to understand what you’d like to see in your space and we design accordingly.

Each landscape design is reviewed by the owner, Danette Collette, who has a degree in horticulture with a design emphasis. After the initial design is made, everybody on the team gives input to truly create a one-of-a-kind space. This ensures that you’re getting the best design which includes an array of options for the perfect plant material for your space.

We like to encourage the use of personal items such as garden ornaments or sentimental objects in order to create a more personalized space for you to love. We also make sure your landscape design isn’t complete until you’re happy with the product. We will help with trellis and ornament placement in the gardens until space is to your liking.

We think of the installation of your new space as a process. Whether we’re installing paver edging, a retaining wall, or a new garden bed, we strive to complete each job in a timely and efficient manner. Each one of our employees has an area of specialty and we will put the right guy on the job to give you the best possible quality.

While the job site is underway, we understand the patience that accompanies the installation. We dislike seeing your property in disorder just as much as you do, so each of our laborers has been trained to clean up after themselves in order to keep your property in the best condition possible throughout the process. Once each job is completed, we promise to leave your property just as clean if not cleaner than it was when we first arrived.

Throughout the landscape design & installation process, we encourage you to ask questions and voice comments or concerns. Your feedback acts as a guide so we can complete each job to your satisfaction.

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We love the transformation process from old, chaotic, run down, and overgrown to WOW. We achieve this through our attention to detail throughout the entire process. Quality and class are a standard not an exception. This is what separates the amazing from the average.




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