Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup

Call us for your Fall cleanup needs.

We have fresh hardwood mulch in stock. You can pick it up, we can deliver, or we will deliver and install the mulch.

We shut down irrigation systems, check your lawn for pests, and cut down the perennials that need to be cut down.

Some perennials are susceptible to diseases like Peony and Phlox. We get rid of those. Some perennials like Coreopsis we leave because the plant material acts as protection from the elements and some we leave up for winter interest like ornamental grasses.

We leave some up as food for the birds and some are protection for beneficial insects.

We trim trees, blow out all the beds, spray weeds and remove the leaves on the turf so it doesn’t kill the grass.

Here is an article that says it better than I can…
Perennials – to cut down or leave up

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